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My experience with LGM'SOC-21!

My experience with LGM'SOC-21!

Kaushal Joshi
ยทAug 29, 2021ยท

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Welcome to my very first blog as well as my very first code based open source experience! ๐Ÿฅณ


' Let's Grow More ' is a community of developers helping other developers to 'grow' as a developer. The community aims to help new software developers and provide learning opportunities to build a better tomorrow by organizing various events.

One of the events is LetsGrowMore's Summer of Code, an open-source event that was conducted from May to August of 2021. It was my second experience of contributing to an open-source event but the first one that contributed significant PRs.

The main thing I learned during this event is the importance of time. There are so many other developers with the same or better experience than you who want to work on the same project. So, if you are assigned to an issue, solve it ASAP or forget about PR!

Another few things I'd like to mention is I gained the confidence to design websites with vanilla JS. I used Bulma in two projects and got my hands dirty with Bulma CSS too.

It was great working with real projects and contributing to a wide range of projects during the month of development. Though I didn't find enough time to contribute to many issues, I enjoyed and learnt a lot while resolving the one I was assigned!

Happy Contributing! ๐ŸŽ‰

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